Auto Repair Service in Calgary

True or false? Change your engine oil every 3,000 miles. Top off your brake fluid to fix low brake fluid levels. Have the dealer perform the maintenance or you’ll void your warranty. Actually all of these are car care myths – and we’ve heard quite a few of them at Brake Check! We believe that accurate, authoritative information will help you keep your car in good repair, helping it retain its resale value and avoid expensive breakdowns. Bookmark this page for handy information on auto repair and maintenance!

Having a proper wheel alignment means that your vehicle's wheels are positioned at the correct angles to the road. The alignment of your car's wheels is also linked to your suspension and steering, making wheel alignments an important component of car maintenance. Read more.

Brake maintenance is a very important but often overlooked part of car maintenance. Because the various components of a car's braking system tend to have a long life span, it can be easy to forget about them. Sooner or later, however, your brakes will be needing repair. Read more.

You would not visit just any doctor when you are sick, so why trust your vehicle in the hands of just any repair service when it is not working properly? When your car breaks down, a trusted repair shop will help you get back on the road safely. Read more.

Winters are harsh in Calgary, but with proper preparation, you can rest assured that your vehicle will make it through with ease. In cold weather, you need to realize the havoc that the low temperatures and frost can have on your vehicle, and start preparing in fall to avoid trouble later. Read more.