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Auto Repair for Calgary’s Vehicles

For Calgary Auto Repair, Trust Our Fast Service

Is your car behaving strangely? Maybe you notice more odd noises than in the past—or you feel every bump on the road instead of getting a smooth ride.

No matter your car's problem, the licensed technicians at Brake Check have the solution. Back in 1983 when we began our business, we were a specialized brake repair company. Since then, we've also provided great auto repair to Calgary drivers like you.

At Brake Check, we recognize that life is busy. Who has time to waste in the repair shop?

Don't worry. Whenever you stop by, you'll get efficient service at a fair price. What's more, you don't need an appointment. Just come in when it's most convenient for you.

Get the Benefit of Our Wide-Ranging Services

You already know about our comprehensive brake repairs, quality work, and lifetime warranty for brake pads and shoes. Now you can know about all our repair services:

  • Batteries (replacement, charging, and related services)
  • Brakes (ABS, disc, drum, emergency, power, and truck brakes)
  • Cooling system (radiator, thermostat, water pump, etc.)
  • Exhaust system (manifolds, mufflers, and more)
  • Pre-purchase inspections (car frame, body, engine, and prior repairs)
  • Steering and suspension (shock replacement, centering steering wheel, etc.)
  • Wheel alignment (improved tire wear and overall ride)

Chances are, if you don't regularly maintain your vehicle, you shorten its lifespan and bring on unnecessary problems. When you visit Brake Check, our technicians help you stay safe while improving fuel economy.

We also help you catch problems right away so you don't have to spend thousands on repairs later.

Visit Our 2 Calgary Locations

Want to save time and money? Visit any of our locations in north east and south west Calgary. No matter which Brake Check you choose, you'll get the same great prices and labour/parts guarantees.

Have a question? Contact us by phone or stop by any of our locations today. And remember—for great auto repair, Calgary drivers trust Brake Check

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