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Wheel Alignment Calgary

The first warning sign your vehicle is out of alignment can be found by taking a look at your tires. If they have worn out unevenly, especially on the outside of certain tires, this is usually the tell-tale sign that you should have your alignment checked.

Signs Your Vehicle Requires an Alignment

Here are a few more indicators that it's time to bring your car into our garage:

  • Your vehicle drifts to the side, even though you are driving straight
  • You experience steering wheel vibrations
  • Although you are driving straight, your steering wheel is not in the centre position

Even if your vehicle does not experience any of these warning signs, you should also check your owner's manual to see how often it recommends you have you alignment serviced.

Proper Alignment Increases Vehicle Safety

Did you know, however, that the term 'alignment' actually refers to your car or truck's suspension – and not to its wheels? Everyday driving can often put a lot of strain on your vehicle, especially to its suspension and springs. Even a tiny accident can put your vehicle's alignment out of sync, resulting in your wheels sitting at improper angles. This can often result in reduced vehicle responsiveness and difficulty steering. An alignment restores the balance to your suspension and wheels.

A Little Maintenance Goes a Long Way

When your suspension is properly aligned, your vehicle's steering components and tires experience less wear and tear. Tires these days can be pricy, regularly $100 or more per tire. But routine alignments will usually only cost you between $99 to $189. It's the most cost-effective way to reduce maintenance costs, while ensuring your vehicle remains safer on the road. Plus, you'll even get better gas mileage, since proper alignment decreases resistance.

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