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wheel alignment in Calgary Alberta

Having a proper wheel alignment means that your vehicle's wheels are positioned at the correct angles to the road. The alignment of your car's wheels is also linked to your suspension and steering, making wheel alignments an important component of car maintenance

There are quite a few reasons that a vehicle may lose its wheel alignment, with the first being time. As a car gets older and puts on a lot of mileage it may lose its alignment through simple and routine wear and tear. It is also common for a car's alignment to get thrown off after hitting curbs or potholes. There are four telltale signs that your car's wheels are likely out of alignment:

  1. Your steering wheel isn't centered even though you are driving in a straight line.

  2. Your car tends to drift towards one side while you are driving.

  3. You can feel your steering wheel vibrating even while driving on a smooth surface.

  4. Finally, the most obvious sign that your car likely needs a wheel alignment is if you notice uneven wear on your tires.

The Benefits of a Wheel Alignment

The number one benefit of making wheel alignments part of your regular car maintenance is that, in the long run, you'll likely save a small fortune on tires! When tires wear down due to poor alignment they need to be replaced much more often than they would otherwise have to be due to regular driving wear. A wheel alignment can also give a small boost to your gas mileage because resistance is decreased when tires are angled correctly to the road. Don't forget, too, that a car which handles properly and doesn't drift is much safer to drive.

Wheel Alignment and Auto Repair in Calgary

If you're looking for wheel alignment services in Calgary, then come to one of the three convenient Brake Check auto repair locations throughout the city. Save yourself time, trouble, and money by getting your wheels aligned and preventing even greater problems with your tires, suspension, and steering in the future. Give Brake Check a call today if you have any further questions about wheel alignment or auto maintenance and repair. We'll be more than happy to help you out.


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